[fxruby-users] Installing RubyFX on MacOS X 10.4.3

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Nov 19 02:38:28 EST 2005

	I'm an experienced programmer (mostly perl for the last 10 years) who 
is very new to Ruby. I have just installed Foxgui on my powerbook and am 
now attempting to install FXRuby.

The setup step results in some undefined symbols when building fox14.bundle.

output from the config step:
[rful011 at bluebottle FXRuby-1.4.3]$ruby install.rb config
install.rb: entering config phase...
---> lib
---> lib/fox14
<--- lib/fox14
<--- lib
---> ext
---> ext/fox14
/sw/bin/ruby1.8 /Users/rful011/src/FXRuby-1.4.3/ext/fox14/extconf.rb
checking for sys/time.h... yes
checking for signal.h... yes
checking for png_create_read_struct() in -lpng... no
checking for deflate() in -lz... no
checking for jpeg_mem_init() in -ljpeg... no
checking for TIFFSetErrorHandler() in -ltiff... no
checking for XShmQueryVersion() in -lXext... no
checking for XFindContext() in -lX11... no
checking for glXCreateContext() in -lGL... no
checking for gluNewQuadric() in -lGLU... no
creating Makefile
---> ext/fox14/include
<--- ext/fox14/include
<--- ext/fox14
<--- ext
install.rb: config done.

and the end of the setup step:

cc -dynamic -bundle -read_only_relocs suppress -L"/sw/lib" 
-L"/usr/local/lib"  -o fox14.bundle librb.o core_wrap.o dc_wrap.o 
dialogs_wrap.o frames_wrap.o fx3d_wrap.o FXRbApp.o FXRbDataTarget.o 
FXRbGLViewer.o FXRuby.o iconlist_wrap.o icons_wrap.o image_wrap.o impl.o 
label_wrap.o layout_wrap.o list_wrap.o markfuncs.o mdi_wrap.o 
menu_wrap.o table_wrap.o text_wrap.o treelist_wrap.o ui_wrap.o 
unregisterOwnedObjects.o  -lruby -lFOX-1.4 -lstdc++  -ldl -lobjc
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [fox14.bundle] Error 1

The link between the undefined symbols and the messages from the setup 
relating to png, jpg and tiff libraries has not escaped me however I do 
not know exactly what it means.

libtiff, libjpeg and libtpng are all installed in /sw/lib

I'm using the Apple XCode compiler and the X distribution that comes 
with Tiger.

Clearly I'm missing something.  Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Russell

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