[fxruby-users] GP on Windows XP with threading

Steve Tuckner stevetuckner at usfamily.net
Wed May 18 14:42:13 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have written a relatively small app that is a kind of IRB written in 
Fox. You enter an expression into an edit box on one tab and then the 
app switches to another tab to display the results. It also connects 
using DRb server which contains an object that is part of the IRB's 
binding (I don't use the IRB class in Ruby by the way). If my 
expressions don't cause a DRb transaction to occur, then the application 
doesn't crash. But if it does then I can crash the app (GP) by doing 
1-10 expressions involving the remote object.

I am not really sure how to debug this issue further other than 
isolating it which I am willing to do, but I am not sure what to isolate.

Any suggestions to debug this problem would be great. I really like the 
functionality that I have built into it and don't relish duplicating 
this functionality using a different toolkit (ie. WxRuby or VRuby). I 
recently upgraded it to use Fox 1.2 hoping that that would fix it, but 
it didn't.

I am going to try the same thing on Linux to see if it occurs there. I 
am using 1.8.2-14 on Windows (The Prag/Programmers installation).


Steve Tuckner

P.S. If anyone wants the source to try this with, I will be happy to 
send it to them.

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