[fxruby-users] composite widgets

Jacob Hanson jacdx at jacobhanson.com
Sun May 8 14:24:49 EDT 2005

Hello list,

Let's pretend I need to create some sort of composite widget... like
a self-contained widget that had a series of other widgets built-in
internally, like combo boxes and textfields. Ideally, I would like
this composite widget to behave like a regular Fox widget and respond
to layout hints.

How would I go about this? Can I do it in FXRuby or does it have to be
done in Fox/C? Do I need to subclass some sort of surface/container widget like
FXScrollArea or FXWindow or can I just use a generic class?

Any direction is appreciated!

       _/ _/  _/   Jacob Hanson
      _/ _/_/_/   mailto:jacdx at jacobhanson.com
 _/_/_/ _/  _/   http://www.jacobhanson.com

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