[fxruby-users] Thinking about Rails and FXRuby

Hal Fulton hal9000 at hypermetrics.com
Tue Mar 22 03:43:11 EST 2005

Hi, guys...

Just some random thoughts here.

Please point out anything I'm overlooking.

I was thinking about the popularity of Rails, and I got to
thinking: It's mostly about doing things automatically, and
it's about user interface.

So I got to thinking: Could something similar be done in the
non-web world, i.e., generate a GUI app rather than a web app?

There are some subtleties, of course... HTML is very flexible
and lays the burden on the renderer and the layout engine.
But the result is fairly ugly.

But my basic question is: Is it possible/practical to create
a Rails-like tool that will generate fxruby code?

And as a side thought, would it be practical to build a
CSS-like layer on top of fxruby?

All these ideas would involve no changes in fxruby, of

If you feel like speculating, share your thoughts...


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