[fxruby-users] dialog.execute vs dialog.show

Harold Worby H.Worby at Kinsey.Com
Mon Mar 21 11:04:51 EST 2005

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>> I tried to use FXEvent.win_y in the trees event code to get the 
>> coordinate
>> of the event (close enough) but get a runtime error:
>> 'undefined method `win_y' for Fox::FXEvent:Class (NoMethodError)'

>FXEvent#win_y is an instance method, not a class method. That is, you 
>need to have an FXEvent object lying around and call its win_y() method

>to get the y-coordinate.

How would one create FXEvent object that references a widgets events? I
mean in:

    tree= FXTreeList.new(@group1, 0, nil, 0,...)
    tree.connect(SEL_CLICKED  ) do |sender, selector, ptr|
        itemselect(sender, selector, ptr,y)

How would you declare the myFXEvent object. As part is the application,
the widget, or in the event routine?


>> Lastly in this code I try to set the FXTextField target to be it's 
>> parent
>> dialog window and send a FXDialogBox::ID_CANCEL when it is ckicked to

>> close
>> the dialog. Why doesn't this work?

>I don't think I understand this at all. You're creating a dialog box 
>that contains a text field (which is used to allow the user to enter 
>and edit a line of text), but you want the dialog box to close as soon 
>as the user clicks inside that text field?

The idea is when the user to clicks on a leaf item a read only text box
appears over the top of it displaying more detailed information about
the item. Then when the user clicks again the text box goes away.
    dlg =
    textbox=FXTextField.new(dlg, 200,

I now have updated to v1.5.
Thanks for the help.

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