[fxruby-users] resizable table headers

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at PATH.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Mar 3 15:27:56 EST 2005

Jamey Cribbs wrote:
> Joel VanderWerf wrote:
>> Anyone know how to make table headers resizable in 1.2?
>> Tried this:
>>     setRowHeaderMode(0)
> Pass TABLE_COL_SIZEABLE as one of FXTable's options.

I'm already doing that:

     super(inner_frame, 0, 0, nil, 0,
       0,0,0,0, 2,2,2,2)

The rows and columns are resizable, just not the headers. IOW, I get the 
resize cursor between pairs of col and row headers. But not when I hover 
the mouse along the lines separating header from body.

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