[fxruby-users] Scrollbars and Layout sizes

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Thu Jun 30 09:41:46 EDT 2005

Hi again.

> Now, how do I influence which widgets are shown and which not?
> I guess I have to add a bit more code to the create method for the 
> main window:
> def create
>     super
> end # create

You're right, if you want the main window to be shown, you have to call 
its #show method.

For every other widget (original FOX or derived from a FOX widget) you 
won't have to do
anything special, they're shown by default. If you create a widget 
during runtime (this means,
elsewhere than in #initialize of its parent) you will have to call 
#create if you want it to be

If you want to hide a widget, simply call #hide. If you don't want to do 
that every time but
want a widget which is hidden by default, derive it from a FOX widget 
and add the call of
#hide to its create method (same like you did with 
show(PLACEMENT_SCREEN) in your
main window.

That's all.

Hope this helps,

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