[fxruby-users] problem with require

lyle at knology.net lyle at knology.net
Wed Jun 1 10:47:26 EDT 2005

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 14:03:10 +0300, Nick Tzanos <corelon at gmail.com> wrote :

> When I try to test the fxruby gem installation from irb I get the following:
> require 'rubygems'
> false

This is a little confusing, but require returns false if you try to require
a library that has already been loaded. I suspect that what's happening in
your case is that the RUBYOPT environment variable is set to "rubygems", and
as a result, the "rubygems" library is automatically require'd when the Ruby
interpreter is launched. As a result, your subsequent call to require
'rubygems' fails.

Note that this peculiarity of how require works has nothing to do with
FXRuby (or with RubyGems, for that matter).

> What can I do to fix this problem?

Submit a Ruby Change Request (RCR), I suppose? Although I don't imagine many
people would support this change since (for better or worse) this is how
require has worked for some time now.

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