[fxruby-users] Menu behavior on Windows

Roy Sutton roys at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 8 00:56:01 EDT 2005

I'm wondering if the menu behavior exhibited by FXRuby under Windows XP  
is a problem/shortcoming/feature with Fox, FXRuby or somehing else 

Using the scintilla-test.rb sample application if you press the menu 
shortcut key (ALT-F) you cannot access the underlined menu options using 
the underlined character -unless- you have not released the ALT key.  
Standard Windows menu behavior is that you can release the ALT key and 
then press the underlined character to select the menu option.  Thoughts?

Also, I noticed Fox is up to 1.4, what's the general lag time to an 
FXRuby release?



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