[fxruby-users] FXFileDialog.getOpenFilenames() question

DeZonia, Barry bdezonia at wisc.edu
Wed Jan 19 14:30:56 EST 2005

FxRuby 1.2.2 on Windows with Ruby 1.8.2

I'm using FXFileDialog.getOpenFilenames() passing nil for the path and I'm
having a little difficulty. Specifically how does getOpenFilenames determine
the initial path to use when nil is passed in? On my system its defaulting
to a path it somehow chose with the long name "c:\InputTestFiles" replaced
with the DOS short name "c:\INPUTT~1". This causes problems with my app.
(Note that C:\InputTestFiles is a directory on my system)

On a related note I've seen FxRuby/FOX sometimes replace full paths from
FXFileDialog with DOS shortened paths. Any ideas why?

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