[fxruby-users] making FXRuby docs

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at PATH.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Jan 9 16:38:24 EST 2005

For posterity, here's some tips for generating FXRuby rdocs (html and ri).

To make the html docs:

$ rdoc -o doc/api -t "FXRuby 1.2" -m rdoc-sources/README.rdoc 
rdoc-sources/*.rb rdoc-sources/README.rdoc lib/fox12/*.rb

To make ri docs in the usual place for installed 3rd party libs:

$ su
# rdoc -R rdoc-sources/*.rb lib/fox12/*.rb

Or if you prefer to keep the ri docs in your own home dir:

$ rdoc -r rdoc-sources/*.rb lib/fox12/*.rb

Note that the lib/fox12 stuff comes last so that superclass info is 

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