[fxruby-users] RadioButtons not working right in FxRuby 1.2.2?

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at PATH.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jan 4 18:56:08 EST 2005

DeZonia, Barry wrote:
> When I run my own app, as well as button.rb from the examples subdirectory,
> the RadioButtons within a GroupBox are not deselecting the previous choice
> and once toggled on will not toggle off. Is anyone else seeing this?
> I'm using FxRuby 1.2.2 that shipped with the one click Windows installer
> Ruby 1.8.2 final.

You can use data targets, since GroupBox no longer imposes this 


You can also use FoxTails (on RAA), which has its own targeting 
mechansim that you may feel is more ruby-like.

The current version of FoxTails has a "field" construct, a new layer on 
top of the targeting mechanism, which makes this even simpler, almost 
like scanf:

class FieldsWindow < FXMainWindow
   include FTField

   observable :my_radio

   def initialize(*args)
     # ...
     self.my_radio = 2
     field("%r radio one %r radio two %r radio three",
       [:my_radio, 1], [:my_radio, 2], [:my_radio, 3])

That's all it takes to have three radio buttons on a line, all tied into 
the same variable, my_radio, which takes the values 1,2 and 3 depending 
on the button pressed. The fields don't have be on the same line, and 
there are other options like %v for a checkbox, %f (and %6.2f etc) for 
float, %m for a pop-up option menu to select from an array of objects, 
%s for string, %d for int, etc. Since the variable is "observable", you 
can attach blocks of code ("observers") that are triggered when its 
value changes, so you can keep other controls and views consistent. The 
field string can also include a %| specifier to make things line up 
inside a FXMatrix. You can also attach blocks of code for input 
validation. See examples/fields.rb for, well, examples.

The catch? FoxTails was designed for Fox 1.0, though I am using it with 
1.2 by defining some extra methods that convert argument lists, define 
aliases, and so on--just enough of a 1.0/1.2 compatibility layer to make 
FoxTails work. I can send that "dynamic patch" file to anyone who is 
interested. The next release will either include the patch (to support 
both 1.0 and 1.2) or support only 1.2.

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