[fxruby-users] Big tables still segfault with fxruby-1.2.4

David Peoples davidp at touringcyclist.com
Fri Feb 25 12:02:56 EST 2005

lyle at knology.net wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 07:47:21 -0600, David Peoples
> <davidp at touringcyclist.com> wrote :
>>I've installed the latest fxruby. (Fox::fxrubyversion() reports 1.2.4.) 
>>But my installation of fxruby still crashes with a segmentation fault 
>>when refilling FXTables with large data sets.
> OK. For what it's worth, I *did* run your test program on my Mac OS X box
> and was able to click the "Go method 1" button about 40 times without
> crashing the program. I will take another look at it this weekend (on a
> Windows box) and see if I can reproduce the problem there.

I assumed you had run my test or something like it and the code had 
passed, and there was just something different about the platform you're 
testing on from mine. So it looks like it might come down to some 
obscure Windows bug? Fancy that. <g> I hope you can find it.

I keep worrying that this will turn out to be some display driver 
problem, like the bad old Win95 days, where it shows up on just a 
minority of the systems out there. I really need to bring Linux up to 
date on this machine and start developing there. Maybe that will be *my* 
project for this weekend.


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