[fxruby-users] Graphics printing with FXRuby?

David Peoples davidp at touringcyclist.com
Mon Feb 21 00:05:13 EST 2005

What is the current recommendation for sending output to printers from 
FXRuby-based applications? I don't get much out of the documentation for 
the FX*Print* classes, and gather from my initial review of the 
foxgui-users archive that the underlying Fox "print" objects don't 
actually work, anyway. (?) I notice that the Fox Adie demonstration 
program doesn't print on my (Windows) system. Haven't tested it under 
Linux yet.

I need to print fairly involved reports, multi-page with headers and 
footers and embedded graphics. I need the solution to work on both 
Windows and Linux, although the solution doesn't have to be the same on 
both platforms, just produce essentially the same output on both.

Do people who print from their FXRuby programs settle for plain text 
sent to a port? Do you just not print at all? (I see no mention of 
printing in the fxruby-users archives.) I see some mention of it in 
ruby-talk, but the only solution actually implemented seems to be some 
variation on "write to a file, launch IE/Mozilla/Word and make it print 
the file", a solution I'm not thrilled with. Any better ideas? Any code 

David Peoples

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