[fxruby-users] Re: missing TABLE function ?

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Wed Feb 2 05:52:25 EST 2005

On Feb 2, 2005, at 5:48 PM, dragoncity wrote:

> should there not be a appendRow function for TABLE ?
> eg: @table.appendRows (1)
> This would be 'more natural' than  programmers having to count rows OR  
> coding
> more complex insertRow calls like :
> eg:  @table.insertRows( @table.numRows, 1)
> Also , I think, programmers think of insert as "between" two existing  
> rows,
> not between the last row and "nowhere", I know I only came across  
> insertRow
> ( append) facility more of less by chance :-)

Good suggestion! I've added this to the list of FXRuby feature  
requests, here:


This should be an easy one to add for the next release.



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