[fxruby-users] ruby install.rb setup failed

Zoarn Kikic kikic at magic-garden.de
Sun Dec 25 15:58:00 EST 2005


I can't run fxruby setup on FreeBSD 6 (amd64, 2x opteron)

I had no problems with Fox
./configure --with-shape --enable-threadsafe --enable-cups \
--with-x --with-xft --with-xcursor --with-xrandr --with-xim \ 
--with-profiling --with-opengl && make && make install

but I get errors when I try to setup fxruby:
(config shows no errors)
ruby install.rb config -- \ 
--with-fox-include=/home/admin/system/fox/fox-1.4.26/include \

when I run ruby install.rb setup, I get:
In file included from include/FXRbCommon.h:90,
                  from core_wrap.cpp:586:
include/FXRuby.h: In function `VALUE to_ruby(long unsigned int)':
include/FXRuby.h:197: error: redefinition of `VALUE to_ruby(long 
unsigned int)'
include/FXRuby.h:193: error: `VALUE to_ruby(FX::FXulong)' previously 
defined here
*** Error code 1

Stop in /home/admin/system/fxruby/FXRuby-1.4.3/ext/fox14.
setup failed
'system make ' failed
Try 'ruby install.rb --help' for detailed usage.

any Ideas?


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