[fxruby-users] OpenGL selection

Riccardo Giannitrapani riccardo at fisica.uniud.it
Thu Dec 15 02:59:51 EST 2005

Hi Jeroen

I'm really interested in this topic (using FOX and OpenGL in the last few  
years) .. can you point me to some details on this Lumos library? I'm  
really curious ..

Thanks (for this and for FOX), Riccardo :)

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005 14:50:14 +0100, Jeroen van der Zijp  
<jeroen at fox-toolkit.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 14 December 2005 01:32 am, Björn Bergqvist wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thank you for the answer.
>> Still I think there should be some highlight feature.
>> FXGLShape::onDNDDrop exist, why not a FXGLShape::onMouseClicked??
> Stay tuned for Lumos.  The Lumos library will be the more advanced 3D  
> class
> collection for FOX.
> 	- Jeroen
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