[fxruby-users] Installing RubyFX on MacOS X 10.4.3

Scott Willson scott at butlerpress.com
Fri Dec 2 23:11:29 EST 2005

Thought I'd follow-up on my earlier post. While it is possible to  
compile libtiff, libjpeg, etc... on OS X without Fink or Darwin  
Ports, I wouldn't recommend it unless you enjoy setting compiler  
flags and modifying library search paths. It's not hard if you know  
what you're doing, but most people should use Fink or Darwin Ports  
for the dependent libs.

I gave up once I hit problems with FXScintilla and XFT, and just used  
Fink for those.

Hope that helps someone,

On Nov 21, 2005, at 7:23 AM, Scott Willson wrote:

> I would bet that if OS X users download and compile the "Image
> Formats" libs on the Fox Download page first, we would be able to
> compile and run FXRuby, but I haven't put that to the test.

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