[fxruby-users] [ANN] FXRuby 1.4.1 Now Available

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Sun Aug 21 21:57:02 EDT 2005

On Aug 21, 2005, at 7:02 PM, Joel VanderWerf wrote:

> Any experiences so far about what breaks going from 1.2->1.4? Did
> anything change in the API?

There were a handful of minor changes, but they were for the most part 
additions and not changes to existing APIs. A lot of the changes were 
things that matter at the C++ layer but not so much in the Ruby layer 
(e.g. a lot of functions' return type changed from an FXString to a 
const FXString&, that sort of thing). One of the most significant 
changes to the existing architecture, as far as the public API's 
concerned, was the stuff having to with floating toolbars (i.e. the new 
FXDockSite and FXDockBar base classes). Actually, I'm still trying to 
get a handle on those changes. ;)

> A diff of the example dirs (1.2.6 vs 1.4.1) suggests that very little
> has changed in the API, at least to the extent covered by the examples
> (which would be pleasant news). It looks like new features _just_
> _work_, such as editable table cells in table.rb.

Yes, I've had to make surprisingly few changes to the example programs 
and unit tests. Am still trying to get the image.rb and imageviewer.rb 
examples back up to speed, but expect to have that fixed in the next 
day or so.

> That's very cool. Lyle and Jeroen, thanks!

Thanks, Joel. You know the drill, just shoot a bug report to the list 
or the tracker as time allows, if you run into anything.

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