[fxruby-users] Re: FXRuby 1.4.1 First Bug Reports

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Sun Aug 21 17:56:30 EDT 2005

On Aug 20, 2005, at 9:08 PM, Gonzalo Garramuno wrote:

> ------------------------------------------------ Bug 1
> Code like:
>     @@cursor_w = FXGIFCursor.new(@window.getApp, pix)
>     FXFileStream.open('icons/room_w.gif', FXStreamLoad) { |stream|
>       @@cursor_w.loadPixels(stream)
>     }
>     @@cursor_w.create
> Results in:
> ./lib/IFMapper/FXMap.rb:1222:in `loadPixels': undefined method 
> `setPosition'
> for #<Fox::FXFileStream:0x72c0f40>

OK, this has been fixed for version 1.4.2.

> --------------------  Bug 2
> uninitialized constant Fox::FXWindow::ID_QUERY_TIP

The ID_QUERY_TIP and ID_QUERY_HELP message identifiers were removed in 
FOX 1.3.4 and replaced with the SEL_QUERY_TIP and SEL_QUERY_HELP 
message types. In your code, you'd want to replace this bit:

	@canvas.connect(SEL_UPDATE, method(:update_cb))

with this:

	@canvas.connect(SEL_QUERY_TIP, method(:update_cb))

and then your update_cb() method would look something like this:

	def update_cb(sender, sel, ptr)
		sender.text = "The tooltip text"

> --------------------  Bug 3
> Tons of crashes (segfaults) on calling GC.start and on trying to 
> initialize
> canvas.

I'm not sure I understand how to reproduce this one. I've downloaded 
IFMapper, started it, clicked on the canvas in a few places to create 
rooms, then closed the canvas. Then created a new one and did it again, 
etc. Should it have crashed on me? Can you give me some specific set of 
steps that is likely to reproduce the problem? And which platform are 
you seeing the crashes on (Windows or Linux)?

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