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James Stallings II james.stallings at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 11:42:44 EDT 2005


These comments are very insightfull and I really appreciate that you
all have taken me so seriously on this. I wish I could say that such
as I've gotten done had enough merit to warrant it (my integration of
Net::ssh at this point involves making sure it doesn't generate an
error when I 'include' it).

Seems I've never been much of a GUI programmer in the past, and
largely because of the dearth of decent tools and instructional
material. Lets  just say that though I'm a rather experienced
programmer, almost none of it has dealt with graphics/display/widget
libraries or coding constructs  like callbacks.

In short, I'm really a bit of a newbie.

Maybe I can make that work for us.

I think I will continue the project, if not to produce a robust
ssh/sftp client, then to produce a fairly simple implementation and
document it to death. It will greatly bootstrap my education in this
regard and maybe someone else's down the road. I'll necesarilly be
dependent on the good will of the community to help me get it together
(as if I weren't already so dependent).

If you guys are up for helping me along the way, I'll do the nuts and
bolts stuff and turn it over to the community when it reaches a
satisfactory level of completion. I'm thinking the documentation
should be embedded in the source, and should include suggestions for
tweaking it out into a more full featured and robust app.

Not precisely the same project I started, but its definitely something
I can get heart and head around.

Your thoughts?


On 8/20/05, Lyle Johnson <lyle at knology.net> wrote:
> On Aug 20, 2005, at 3:39 PM, Roebe XXX wrote:
> > What I would think could be a good idea, though, is, to invest a
> > bit time especially concerning to have a base documentation about
> > it (i.e. you hack some Ruby/FXRuby code and document it, but you dont
> > bother to finish it completely).
> > This can be very helpful for newbies, who often
> > have a problem to find good documentation.
> This is an excellent point. The lack of tutorial-style documentation
> and examples is probably the biggest shortcoming for FXRuby. If anyone
> has written some such documentation, I'd love to add pointers to it
> from the FXRuby home page.
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