[fxruby-users] > ssh/sftp/scp gui client in Ruby

Roebe XXX shevegen at linuxmail.org
Sat Aug 20 16:39:13 EDT 2005

"I'd rather see that energy expended towards something innovative. "

While I completely agree with that statement, my personal opinion is 
that it would be nice to have a ssh/sftp/scp client in ruby EVEN
if it is not finished. (Reason follows soon)

"If there's any interest, I might continue to work on it"

Dont worry, just abandon it if you dont want to work on it,
better to have a project that is more interesting / more needed.  :)

What I would think could be a good idea, though, is, to invest a 
bit time especially concerning to have a base documentation about
it (i.e. you hack some Ruby/FXRuby code and document it, but you dont
bother to finish it completely). 
This can be very helpful for newbies, who often
have a problem to find good documentation. 

( On a german wiki there was a FXRuby example for a simple
FXRuby notepad, this was nice in that newbies can reuse that code
easily and add whatever they want to add do it ... *tweaking* it. 
Those examples should become much more prominent, and more different
wiki styles deployed in general covering FXRuby too. I especially
like the Gentoo Wikis, even though i am not a Gentoo User, they
provide nice knowledge) :)

Just my 1 old cc 

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