[fxruby-users] GUI update and threads

Kevin Burge kevin.burge at systemware.com
Fri Aug 19 11:45:31 EDT 2005

Hi, I'm trying to write an "installer" application.  I want a 
progressdialog to show the status, while the long running process is 
done by another thread/process or something.  I cannot get this to 
work.  I was using a pipe for communication after forking to do the 
"long running process", and that basically worked, except that I'd get X 
Fatal Errors or async errors every now and then (I'm not an X 
programmer).  So, I tried enabling threads in the app, and using a 
thread instead to do the work (so that they GUI would actually update as 
the installation progressed), and now, when I send ID_ACCEPT to the 
modal ProgressDialog, after the thread finishes, the system is in lala 
land (i.e. progressdialog.execute never returns).

Is there a faq somewhere on using threads w/ FXRuby?  Has anyone else 
needed to do a long running process in either a separate thread or 
separate process and been able to retain GUI responsivness?

Using FXRuby 1.2.6.


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