[fxruby-users] GUI Update technique

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Thu Aug 18 20:57:49 EDT 2005

On Aug 18, 2005, at 6:53 PM, James Stallings II wrote:

> Ahh, well.
> Of all the good reasons to abandon a project, perhaps that the
> application area is already well covered is one of the best. I needed
> to deploy this functionality a little quicker than I could deploy my
> own code, and upon investigation found that there are several robust
> solutions in place for the most commonly used OSs, most under the GPL.

That sounds like a very pragmatic solution to me. ;)

> I've learned a lot from the meager distance I've taken it, but there's
> no real reason I shouldn't continue to learn on my next project.


> So, I ask you all: do you think that there is a need within the
> (fx)ruby community for a ssh/sftp/scp gui client specifically written
> in ruby? If there's any interest, I might continue to work on it -- if
> you all are in agreement with me about abandoning it, I'll blow it off
> and move on to the next thing.

Working on it wouldn't be a waste of time if you learn something new 
while doing it. Generally speaking, though, I'm not in favor of 
reinventing the wheel for the sole purpose of being able to say you've 
cloned some existing, perfectly good program, in Ruby. I'd rather see 
that energy expended towards something innovative. You of course have 
to come up with that idea yourself. ;)

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