[fxruby-users] ANN: Interactive Fiction Mapper v0.5

Jacob Hanson jacdx at jacobhanson.com
Mon Aug 15 19:00:23 EDT 2005

Saturday, August 13, 2005, 10:55:42 AM, you wrote:
> Friday, August 12, 2005, 9:38:25 AM, you wrote:
>>> Okay, I may have some questions about fxruby and probably the easiest way
>> to ask them is by after I show a program.
>>> Plus I am eager to show how much fun I've been having...  this is still
>> not fully done to call it a v1.0 release, but it is already tons of fun.

>> I like the sound of the project; right off the bat I'm running into a number
>> of problems with the Gem-based install on Windows. Should we file bug
>> reports at the project page on RubyForge, or just mail them directly to you?

> I downloaded the zip and I couldn't get it to run either--it segfaults on 1103
> in IFMapper.rb, when it tries to create a BMP image :(

> Latest Ruby win32 all-in-one and latest fxruby gem.

Ok my bad, I guess. My PC hadn't been rebooted and that day I'd been
using some gi-nourmous apps like Photoshop and Flash and Zend IDE all
at once. My machine was running low on some sort of resource (why
can't I find a measurement for it). I had a fair amount of RAM and
swap available, but pretty soon, dialogs wouldn't show up that were
supposed to...or they'd be missing widgets. This is XP...we don't have
that goofy 'resources' memory anymore, right?

It bothers me that it segfaulted tho. I hate when ruby segfaults.
I immediately ran my big fxruby app and it came up just fine just to
see if it would work. Hrm.

Anyway, got it working. Nice. :)

See ya,
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