[fxruby-users] ANN: Interactive Fiction Mapper v0.5

Gonzalo Garramuno ggarra at advancedsl.com.ar
Fri Aug 12 10:32:22 EDT 2005

Okay, I may have some questions about fxruby and probably the easiest way to ask them is by after I show a program.
Plus I am eager to show how much fun I've been having...  this is still not fully done to call it a v1.0 release, but it is already tons of fun.

Please visit the download section of:

There you will find the following:

by Gonzalo Garramuno

What is it?

IFMapper is a tool for easily mapping interactive fiction games, also known as
text-based adventure games.

Why do we need it?

Because there are really no good mapping tools for these sort of games.
GUEmap is a commercial product and awkward to use, IFM is extremely 
powerful but not very user friendly and Infomapper, of which IFMapper 
borrows heavily, is a good tool but windows only, discontinued, and does 
not support large maps or easily shifting locations around.


- Multiplatform
- Very simple click interface
- Complex paths supported (paths that loop on themselves or connect
  two remote nodes)
- Mousewheel support for zooming in/out
- Middle mouse scrolling
- Rooms can have objects and tasks listed
- Automatic numbering of rooms
- Multiple map editing
- Ability to easily move rooms in map with arrow keys
- Complex connections and looping connections among rooms accepted
- Written in a simple and great scripting language (Ruby)
- Acrobat PDF output (in progress)
- Can read IFM files (albeit not everything is supported)
- Free
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