[fxruby-users] Available layout options?

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Sat Apr 23 18:34:48 EDT 2005

On Apr 23, 2005, at 2:27 PM, me lyman wrote:

> How can I dynamically figure out all of the available layout options
> for any given widget.
> I can scrape the RDocs for options available to just that widget, but
> each widget inherits more from the hierarchy - right?

Well, if by "dynamically figure out" you mean some sort of method you 
can call on an object at runtime, there's no way to do that; you 
definitely have to consult the documentation.

You are correct that the options (layout and otherwise) available for a 
particular widget include all of the options available for objects of 
its ancestor classes. For example, a label (an instance of the FXLabel 
class) has certain label-specific options (e.g. how the text is 
justified inside the label, or how the label's text is positioned 
relative to the label's icon), but since FXLabel is a subclass of 
FXFrame, you also have the frame decoration options at your disposal 
(e.g. sunken or raised frames, frame thickness, etc.)

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