[fxruby-users] some learning confusions -> shutter program customization

Jason Wang randomtalk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 20:06:51 EDT 2005

hi, i have just recently been able to download FXRuby and play around
with it a little bit.. my experience with GUI programming is sadly
limited to Java's swing/awt packages, and i have about 1 year of
experience in java GUI programming.. now i'm in the process of
familizing with it and try my hands at customizing the shutter example
program.. i have several questions:

first of all, how is Java's GUI stuff different? 

mmm.. some shutter specific (or beginner) questions..
How would you go about creating one seperate GUI for each page the
shutter brings up? like i want to put a in a calender for the calender
page, some boxes and buttons for submitting forms for tasks and etc..
what would be the common idiom for creating such GUI groups? since in
Java you would just create a panel and stuff everything in then stuff
the panel back into the frame..

mmm.. that's about all i want to ask.. thanks alot :D

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