[fxruby-users] installation problems

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at PATH.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Apr 3 01:19:02 EST 2005

Jason Wang wrote:
> mmm.. i'm really new to ruby.. not really sure what your talking about
> :| i tried typing in /usr/bin/ruby1.8 -e 'p $LOAD_PATH', it just gave 
>  me a >, assuming that's where you input ruby code? i tried searching
> for the file, can't find it apparently.. i'm using the latest debian
> package from apt get.. do you know wat's going on?

The > may mean that there are an odd number of single-quotes on your 
commmand line, so your shell is waiting for you to finish the input.

Sorry, dunno much about debian packages. I have heard that the debian 
packagers broke ruby up into a number of packages that all have to be 
installed (but this may be an ugly rumor, or I may just be wrong).

I usually just build from source on linux, and only bother with 
prepackaged ruby on windows.

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