[fxruby-users] FXFileList & default icons

Juraj Sujan sofy at sofy.sk
Wed Sep 1 11:03:46 EDT 2004

jeroen <jeroen at fox-toolkit.org> wrote:

> They're just fallback icons, used in case no bindings
> have
> been found in the registry.
> In principle, you can (1) load your file associations
> under the [FILETYPES] section.  For example:
> 	bmp = "/usr/local/bin/xv %s &;Bitmap
> Image;image.xpm;mini/image.xpm;image/x-bmp"
> Or (2) replace the bindings programmatically using
> FXFileDict::replace().
> A subsequent lookup of the binding will then use the new
> binding, and
> moreover, when the application quits the binding will be
> logged into
> the registry.
> FXFileList will ONLY use the hard-wired icons if no
> bindings have been
> found.  We want to make sure programs still work when no
> bindings 
> are available.

yes, I know about the associations and of course, I want to
use my own icons for certain filetypes. But consider this
example situation:

There is one directory and two files displayed in list (one
png and one jpg image). I will define the association for
png filetype. Then it will display my own icon for png file
but hard-wired icon for directory and for jpg file (as it is
unassociated). But I would like to override ALSO these two
icons with my own. In other words, I would like to display
my own fallback icons EVEN for files without associations. 

So, here is my question again: How to do it ? Could it be
done with associations ? I don't think so.

I imagine something like this (in FXRuby):

filelist = FXFileList.new(....)
filelist.miniFolderIcon = FXPNGIcon.new(@app,
                File.open("my_folder_icon.png", "rb").read)

...and so on

Standard hard-wired icons are nice, but I would like to use
my own, COMPLETELY customized iconset (KDE and GNOME
iconsets are really cool, wouldn't it be nice to use them ?). 

Juraj Sujan

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