[fxruby-users] FXRuby 1.2.2 binary gem on Windows ..

lyle at knology.net lyle at knology.net
Tue Oct 26 10:26:56 EDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:15:23 +0200, "Riccardo Giannitrapani"
<riccardo at fisica.uniud.it> wrote :

> I'm tring to install the last binary gem on Windows of FXRuby, 1.2.2 ..  
> but I get an error, here it is:


Are you using the latest version of RubyGems (version 0.8.1)? There was
change in the file format, which accounts for the smaller file size and
which would also account for the errors you're seeing if you're using an
older version of RubyGems.

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