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jeroen jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Sat Oct 23 23:19:33 EDT 2004

On Saturday 23 October 2004 02:26 pm, you wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 10:01:05 -0700, Bob Sidebotham <bob at windsong.bc.ca> wrote:
> > Oh, and one other, which I neglected to put in the last email:
> >
> > 6. Not really a table problem, but came up in relation to calculating
> > cell height: FXFont#getTextHeight does not consider newlines, so for
> > whatever the font is that I'm using, getTextHeight("foo") returns the
> > same value as getTextHeight("foo\nfoo").
> Yes, I think Jeroen would classify this as a "feature" and not a
> "bug", but I will Cc him on this just the same to see if he has any
> suggestions. ;)

True enough, but not that it matters; this isn't used anywhere in the
library as far as I know...

> > On a related note, when I size cells horizontally based on
> > getTextWidth, the table headers are slightly clipped. The headers were
> > included in the calculation. I haven't investigated this, yet (it could
> > be a font problem, I suppose), but I just thought I'd mention it here on
> > the off chance that you had some insight.
> Don't know about this one right offhand, but will check into it. Do
> you perhaps have a simple example program that demonstrates the
> problem?

The headers are resizable, and it is possible to assign them any desired
size [down to zero if you want].  So the size of the headers isn't accounted
for, because its the control that's doing the sizing...

	- Jeroen

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