[fxruby-users] Re: fx ruby 1.2 api docs?

Lyle Johnson lyle.johnson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 14:58:37 EDT 2004

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:58:16 -0700, Bob Sidebotham <bob at windsong.bc.ca> wrote:

> Do you expect to release api docs for 1.2?

Bob has already followed up and noted that he found the RDoc sources
for the FXRuby 1.2 API documentation, but I'll also note that you can
already link to those docs online, here:


I'm probably going to go ahead (real soon now) and just declare FXRuby
1.2 to be the new stable version. At that time, I'll rework the links
on the web site so that http://www.fxruby.org/doc points to the 1.2
documentation instead of the 1.0 versions.

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