[fxruby-users] "managed" canvas?

Bil bil.bas at virgin.net
Thu Jul 22 11:15:26 EDT 2004

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On 22/07/2004 at 14:18 Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng wrote:

>On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Bil wrote:
>> I am aware that people have, in the past, asked for a Tk-style
>> canvas object that manages shapes (etc) within it. I'm currently
>         [...]
>> polygons/images and export as SVG). Would it make sense to put the
>> extra effort in and make my own work more generically useful?
>Certainly worth doing.  It would be a valuable thing to have.
>As you point out, you'd learn from the experience, and you'd be
>contributing (not least time and energy).   I expect you'll need to
>discuss it on the FOX list, more so than the FXRuby list, though

In truth, I wasn't planning to use C++/FOX to implement it. Obviously, though, it would make some sense to write it at a lower level to run a bit faster and allow it to be used by a lot more people. I didn't really want that extra effort which would be unnecessary for my purposes...I'll think again about that.

Lyle said somewhere that he was not going to put it in FXRuby since it could be implemented in pure Ruby. Based on my unoptimised prototype, FXRuby seems to be reasonably fast with graphics, even when double-buffering. I imagine it would not be fast enough to act as a basis for Macromedia Flash-type animations though *8-)*


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