[fxruby-users] "managed" canvas?

Bil bil.bas at virgin.net
Thu Jul 22 08:31:17 EDT 2004

I am aware that people have, in the past, asked for a Tk-style canvas object that manages shapes (etc) within it. I'm currently doing some work with 2D vector graphics as part of my final year University project (so far you can draw/select/drag polygons/images and export as SVG). Would it make sense to put the extra effort in and make my own work more generically useful?

I've been looking for an open-source project to get into for a while and this seems like one that would be useful for myself and probably for others. The problem is that I really am not a professional programmer (...yet) - I am sure I could get something that *worked* well enough, but whether it would be well designed (in terms of API or architecture) is another question. I feel in a lot of ways that I would be better joining an existing project (and learning at the feet of those in the know) rather than starting my own (and blazing my own trail!).

Any advice would be well received. Thanks,


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