[fxruby-users] radiobuttons are weird in 1.2.x series

Yuri Leikind y.leikind at sam-solutions.net
Wed Jul 21 04:30:14 EDT 2004

On 20 Jul 2004 13:09:55 -0000
"lyle at knology.net" <lyle at knology.net> wrote:

>      On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 13:08:03 +0300, Yuri Leikind
>      <y.leikind at sam-solutions.net> wrote :
>      > Run groupbox.rb example in any of the two alpha versions and
>      > click the radiobutton in the upper right group box (those named Hilvesum 1,
>      > Hilversum 2, etc). You'll notice that once a radiobutton is checked, 
>      > it remains checked when some other radiobutton is checked.
>      > 
>      > What's the reason?
>      Sounds like a bug in that example; the radio button behavior has changed in
>      FOX 1.2. If you could, please file a bug report here:
>          http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?atid=1223&group_id=300&func=browse

Yes, I was already prompted by Rich Lyman that GroupBox does not group RadioButtons any more, 
and I rewrote my radiobuttons code to use FXDataTarget. With an FXDataTarget object
my radiobuttons work, but they are redrawn very slowly - a radiobutton is unchecked after
a whole second after another was checked. I took a look at datatarget.rb and found out the following:

  # Current threads implementation causes problems for this example, so disable
  application.threadsEnabled = false

With this code radiobuttons work well, but it disables threads. Since there's no more GroupBox
magic, threaded FXRuby applications are now doomed to have slow radiobuttons if they use
 FXDataTarget objects. 

Best regards,
Yuri Leikind

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