[fxruby-users] File selection questions and more

Barry DeZonia bdezonia at wisc.edu
Tue Dec 21 11:09:54 EST 2004

I'm using FxRuby that ships with Ruby 1.8.1 (version 1.0.28 I believe). I'd
like to be able to select multiple files at a time in a file dialog. I'm
using FxFileDialog. The 1.0 api docs say that there is a "filenames"
attribute that represents a list of all files selected so far. In my version
of FxRuby accessing that attribute results in a method not found error. Also
the api says FxFileDialog has a selectmode attribute but no docs on what to
set it to so that I might be able to select multiple files at once. I've
seen FxFileSelector but I couldn't get it working in the past (filenames
again resulting in a no such method error). Is it what I want to be working
with anyway? Or will none of this work until FxRuby 1.2 is used? Or was this
fixed post 1.0.28? Any help appreciated.

On another topic when should I port my app to FxRuby 1.2? I want to use the
FxRuby installation that is shipped in the standard ruby distribution to
make installation of my program as easy as possible. Will FxRuby 1.2 become
THE preferred development path and perhaps make it into the distribution

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