[fxruby-users] WYSIWYG design tools.

dragoncity dragoncity at impulse.net.au
Sat Dec 18 15:14:40 EST 2004

Hi Kevin, 
I know of two actually !,
Both written by me and /old/ versions (source) are available at


and from rubyforge

One QT2FXRuby translates QT forms into FXRuby, the other 
RubyFXGen used a special 'markup' language FFDL (Fox Form Definition Language)
that also create FXRuby programs but from a simple script.

QT is of course a real GUI interface, FFDL is not , but the end result is of 
course a FXRuby GUI program. I don't work on this program anymore

I think that there was a small project to write a 'real' FOX GUI Builder in 
Ruby, but I don't know its status.

I'm currently revising FFDL & RubyFXGen to be more flexable with even greater 
placement control of widgets and using FXRuby 1.2 ( not 1.0) Thsi has not 
been posted as yet.

On Thursday 16 December 2004 16:46, Kevin Pratt wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know about if there is a tool out there that can be used to
> design dialogs and maybe even your main window for FXRuby?
> Thanks,
> kevin
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Brett S Hallett

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