[fxruby-users] Status of older issue

lyle at knology.net lyle at knology.net
Wed Dec 1 17:17:19 EST 2004

On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 16:02:34 -0600, Barry DeZonia <bdezonia at wisc.edu> wrote :

> Some time ago it was reported that UI performance (update of changed
> controls) of multithreaded applications in FXRuby 1.2 was poor (perhaps due
> to some FOX 1.2 issues). I haven't heard anything about it recently on this
> list and checking the Bugs and Feature Requests on the RubyForge Tracker did
> not show the issue entered as either. Is this still a problem?

I don't remember the specific report that you're referring to, but then
again, I don't remember a lot of things. Since (as you noted) no one found
it important enough to add to the bug list, it's definitely not something
I've looked into.

Is it that you've noted a performance *decrease* between FXRuby versions 1.0
and 1.2, or are you just noting generally poor performance in FXRuby 1.2? It
is definitely true that, since Ruby doesn't use "native" threads, the
overhead required for multithreaded FXRuby applications is sometimes
distracting. One parameter that you can fiddle around with is the
"sleepTime" attribute for the FXApp instance; this is the amount of time (in
milliseconds) that the FOX event loop will yield to Ruby's thread scheduler
whenever there's idle time in the GUI. It defaults (IIRC) to 100
milliseconds, but if you were to decrease this time (thus allocating *less*
time to other Ruby threads) you should expect to see improved response for
GUI updates. At least, that's the idea. ;)

Hope this helps,


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