[fxruby-users] Fox 1.3.7 and FXRuby 1.2.1

Jeff Koppe Tlaloc at columbus.rr.com
Sat Aug 7 10:03:15 EDT 2004


After deciding to upgrade to Suse 9.1 I had difficulties trying to make Fox 
1.2.4. So, on a lark I tried Fox 1.3.7 which configure/make/make installed 
with nary a glitch. But, of course, now I'm back to reinstalling my Ruby 
stuff and discovered, as stated, FXRuby 1.2.1 works with the Fox 1.2.x 
versions. Doh!

Will there be a FXRuby 1.3.x sometime in the near future? Or is it still to 
unstable to deal with?



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