[fxruby-announce] FXRuby 1.6.23 released

Lars Kanis lars at greiz-reinsdorf.de
Thu Mar 8 16:32:45 UTC 2012

Hi fxruby hackers,

new version 1.6.23 is out with the following changes. Unfortunately
the fxruby.org homepage is down and I don't have access to it.
Therefore I've moved the documentation to
http://rubydoc.info/github/larskanis/fxruby/1.6/frames and converted
to yard.

Have fun!

=== 1.6.23 / 2012-03-08

* Add YARD documentation support
* Use generated Manifest.txt
* Support for parallel task execution with drake

=== 1.6.22 / 2012-02-21

* Allow better access to raw pixel data of FXImage and derivatives
* Build Windows binary gem per cross compiler on Linux
* Add support for Rubinius (currently requires rubinius from git)
* Add alias FXApp#modalWindow, as described in rdoc
* Add quality parameter to FXJPGImage and FXJPGIcon
* Fix invalid memory access in final GC call when using FXMenuCommand
with acckey
* Fix double referenced foxObj when borrowed object registration is
triggered from C++
* Fix Segfault while GC'ing FXWindows
* Fix 'object allocation not allowed while garbage collection' bug
* Fix clipboard handling on windows
* Add missing namespace qualifier to FXSEL in FXAccelTable
* Fix GC bug in FXAccelTable
* Fix double free in FXMemoryStream#giveBuffer
* Fix invalid memory access in typemap to zero terminated FXchar*
(such as fillItems methods)
* Fix FXApp#addInput for Ruby 1.9 on Linux
* Fix "ruby_code case not handled: Regexp" issue with newer rubygems


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