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How can i set up a webservice client in fxruby???

I cant get the webservice to run properly :s
when i do the invoke http://twodecode.pilot.localhost.be:3000/backend/invoke, everthign seems to work fine
These are the different methods i tried to access the webservice
The webservice is written in RoR, and i try to access in ruby (it is a stand alone app)
               # Initialize the SOAP driver
		wsdl = "http://twodecode.pilot.localhost.be:3000/backend/wsdl"
		ns = "urn:ActionWebService"
		#xml parser error
		@drv = SOAP::RPC::Driver.new(wsdl, 'urn:ActionWebService')
		@drv.add_rpc_method_with_soapaction('Authenticate', 'urn:ActionWebService#Authenticate', 'twa', 'login', 'pass')
		result = @drv.Authenticate('xxx', 'test','test')
		#xml parser error
      		drv = SOAP::RPC::Driver.new(wsdl,'urn:ActionWebService') 
		drv.add_method_with_soapaction("Authenticate", 'urn:ActionWebService' + "/#Authenticate", 'twa', 'login', 'pass')
		@result = drv.Authenticate('xxx','test','test')
		#post not supported,xml parser error
		service = SOAP::RPC::Driver.new(wsdl, ns)
		service.add_method_with_soapaction("Authenticate", ns + "/#Authenticate", 'twa', 'login', 'pass')
		@result = service.Authenticate('xxx','test','test')
		#undefined method Authenticate
		#wsdl = "http://localhost/Twodecode.Webservices/Webservices.asmx?WSDL"
		factory = SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory.new(wsdl)
		@driver = factory.createDriver
		result = @driver.Authenticate('xxx','test','test')
		#undefined mehtod create_rpc_driver
		drv = SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory.new(wsdl).create_rpc_driver
		drv.wiredump_dev = STDOUT 
		dwml = drv.Authenticate('xxx','test','test')
		#uninitialized constant ActionWebService
		soap_client = ActionWebService::Client::Soap.new(BackendApi, wsdl2)
		result = soap_client.Authenticate('xxx','test','test')
Hope u can help me.
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