[fxruby-announce] [ANN] foxGUIb 0.4 (for FXRuby 1.2.6) has been released

meinrad recheis meinrad.recheis at gmx.at
Fri Apr 29 16:56:44 EDT 2005


this is version of foxGUIb that works with the 
new fox12 extension module of ruby. 

note: development release. (unstable)

download at: 

a quick guide is available here:

*Changes for version 0.4.0:*
* ported to fox12 - fxruby 1.2.6 but tried to be backward compatible; that is:
  previous foxGUIb version documents can be loaded.
  NOTE: radiobuttons in groupboxes don't support radio behaviour any more.
* code generator outputs version
* fixed bug: crashes after switching to a loaded document.
* Combobox#comboItems= now takes a newline seperated string
* added widgets: MainWindow, Matrix

- Henon

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