[FLVTool2-users] Precision Timestamps in Cuepoints

Thomas Schwaier tschwaier at gmx.de
Tue May 5 04:15:33 EDT 2009

Hi there!

First the good:

Thank y'all for such a useful tool!

Now the bad:

As I've seen from the archives, a few others did have the same problem
as I had with the "Integer rounded" timestamps, but no one has received
an answer of fix.

The Problem:

When one wants to add a cuePoint with a time stamp value, which is not
divisble by 1000 without a rest (e.g. 2525), the timestamp values are
generally floored to multiples of 1000.


Timestamp value 333 gets floored to 0  and Timestamp value 2100 to 2000,

This looked an awful lot like an Integer Division by 1000 somewhere in
the code instead of a Float or Double Division - and thats exactly what
it turned out to be!

Pieter Thysebaert, who had send a request about this problem in
September last year - but never got an answer, pointed me in the right

In a later post in some other forum I found on Google he posted that he
had created a patch. I contacted him and he was kind enough to share his
findings with me.

In the file *"lib/flvtool2/base.rb"* on *line 75* it says

*data['time'] = tag.timestamp / 1000
which shows an Integer division. By adding a (presumably forgotten)
*".0"* ruby does a Float/Double division

data['time'] = tag.timestamp / 1000*.0*

Now I have checked out the latest build from SVN , changed the above
line and recompiled it under Windows (which is a pain btw, if you don't
know squat about ruby) and now it works just fine!

The questions I'm asking myself now are:

Does anybody care?

Was this a bug or a feature?

Since more the one person asked for it on this mailing list, I was
wondering if it will be updated in the future or not?

Judging by the "final" keyword in the 1.0.6 Release and the
little-to-zero recent activity on this list, my educated guess is no.
But it'd be a shame if such a tiny bug would persist and stop a good
tool from being great.

So please, could someone(Norman?!) commit this tiny change or tell me at
least why not?

Well thanks for reading and maybe this helps somebody, sometime.



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