[FLVTool2-users] newbie - creating frame-by-frame seekable .flv

pieter.thysebaert at intec.ugent.be pieter.thysebaert at intec.ugent.be
Fri Sep 12 10:36:32 EDT 2008


I'm currently struggling with the following:

I am on Red Hat Linux (RHEL4 with some unofficial mencoder rpms) and have
created an .flv file from a series of PNG images using mencoder with the

keyint=1 (to try to make the file frame-by-frame seekable)

The resulting file is frame-by-frame seekable in the Totem media player,
but not in e.g. FlowPlayer which I want to use, nor in the standalone FLV
player for windows I tested.

I thought this may have to do with the absence of "sufficient metadata" in
the FLV, as I read somewhere that newer flash video files/player
combinations only seek to cue points, and not necessarily to key frames.
Therefore I started looking into flvtool2 to add this additonal metadata.

I created an xml file specifying cue point at timestamps corresponding to
the keyframe timestamps (i.e every 125 milliseconds).

When adding this metadata using
flvtool2 -AUPvtk cuepoints.xml in.flv out.flv
the cuepoints are listed as being "rounded" to integer (i.e. second)
values: the first 8 show up as having time "0", the next 8 are having "1"
as their time - and not 0, 0.125 , 0.250 as I expected.

Coincidentally, the resulting out.flv is not frame-by-frame seekable in
FlowPlayer or FLV player, but is only seekable to "integer seconds".

I have read a similar post in this list's archives (out the "rounded" cue
piint timstamps") but I haven't found a clear solution in that thread.

Am I on the right track in creating a frame-by-frame (in FlowPlayer or FLV
player...) seekable FLV file? What am I missing? I suppose the file is
seekable in Totem because Totem seeks by keyframes, not by cue point
metadata. Can newer FLV players be instructed to seek by keyframes instead
of cue points?


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