[FLVTool2-users] videocodecid list -> where can I find it?

Dario Debernardi dario.debernardi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 09:36:22 EST 2007

Dear FLV gurus,
I've just installed flvtool2 but I'm struggling to obtain some documentation
about what can be done and how...
However I tried this

#flvtool2 ./video.flv -P >> ./info_flv.txt

it does a great job giving me all the information I need ;))

audiodatarate: 64
  canSeekToEnd: 1
  framerate: 12
  videocodecid: 4
  creationdate: Sun Nov 05 12:35:16 2006

  audiodelay: 0
  height: 288
  audiocodecid: 2
  videodatarate: 220
  duration: 130.16
  width: 360

The question is simple:
where can I find audiocodecid and videocodecid list?

stereo: true
  framerate: 15
  audiosamplerate: 44100
  videocodecid: 2
  audiosamplesize: 16
  filesize: 4972978
  height: 270
  audiocodecid: 2
  videodatarate: 0
  duration: 53.734
  width: 480

I produced this video with ffmpeg and I know that 2 stands for flv (both for
audio and for video)
What's that 4 in the first data series?

Thanks in advance, Dario
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