[FLVTool2-users] flvtool2 memory usage on -P, -U on big files

Kutovoy Nickolay nickolay.kutovoy at envisionext.com.ua
Thu Apr 19 11:28:57 EDT 2007

Hello to everybody.

	As I readed some discussion from 2006 year there is problem with memory usage 
on big file. Seems that there is no progress in that problem yet. I reached 
same problem ( 700Mb-1Gb flv file is being completely loaded into memory and 
cpu takes 100% for 20-30 mins ) on big flv for -U key and (!) for -P key too 
(why? for -P we need just to output header from file?.. )

	Tool is awesome but miss such important thing - memory / cpu handling on big 
files... I tried to use yamdi - it takes few sec instead of 20 mins to inject 
data to 300Mb file and almost no memory. But yamdi doesn't allow to print 
meta-data to screen - I'm thinking about patching it to output meta-data...

Thanks for any advise.

Best regards,
Kutovoy Nickolay.

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