[FLVTool2-users] Tag delete syntax

erixtekila erixtekila at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 06:01:02 EST 2006

> My suggestion is to use an option flag such as -D (if it's available) 
> followed by the timestamp to remove, and a double flag to remove all 
> cuePoints;
> flvtool2 -D 1234 -D 5678 -D 9999 /path/to/input.flv 
> /path/to/output.flv (single cuePoints)
> flvtool2 -DD  /path/to/input.flv /path/to/output.flv (all cuePoints)
> Le 6 mars 06, à 20:18, Norman Timmler a écrit :
>> I am looking for nice syntax to define multiple tags to delete in one
>> fell swoop. Should they be defined in an external file, per command
>> line? Should timestamps be used to identify them? Maybe i should 
>> change
>> the cut command to allow only deletion of a specific tag type.
>> flvtool -C -i 1000 -o 2000 -y video my.flv # to delete video
>> flvtool -C -i 0 -o 0 -y meta my.flv # to delete the metadata tag
>> What do you think?

The timestamp is a good index to base the process of cuepoints deletion.
BTW, as cuepoints are defined inside an external file (which could be 
buffered), I think that the deletion should be able to be done the same 

Imagine an automatic cuepoints insertion whith a sed command.
I think that the same should be used to delete some parts of the 

In another hand, the -D and double -DD is an elegant way to do it.

So, Norman, you propose the -y flag for deletion from  file ?
But will the meta or video be static identifiers ?

Best luck.

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