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lilripsta at freenet.de lilripsta at freenet.de
Mon Mar 6 14:28:59 EST 2006

im new to flvtool2, so my insight is very limited :-D

I prefer commandline arguments. but maybe a switch for commandline parameters OR input file could be posible?
(again:..a bloody N00b is writing :-D)
What about some regex-like tag description, so everything with the specified expression is removed.



PS. what about a flvtool2 forum? arent mailinglists pretty outdated? :-D

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Betreff: [FLVTool2-users] Tag delete syntax
Gesendet: Mo 06 Mär 2006 20:19:02 CET
Von: "Norman Timmler"<lists at inlet-media.de>

> I am looking for nice syntax to define multiple tags to delete in one
> fell swoop. Should they be defined in an external file, per command
> line? Should timestamps be used to identify them? Maybe i should change
> the cut command to allow only deletion of a specific tag type.
> flvtool -C -i 1000 -o 2000 -y video my.flv # to delete video
> flvtool -C -i 0 -o 0 -y meta my.flv # to delete the metadata tag
> What do you think?
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