[FLVTool2-users] Using flvtool2 on linux, how?

Naicu Octavian naicuoctavian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 13:29:06 EST 2006

Thanks for the quick response!

Are you used to commandline tools ?

Yes, I am using a terminal.

You should "cd" to the folder where you've installed flvtool2
> After that, you'd issue this command (note the "./" at the beginning)
> ./flvtool2 -h

What exactly do you mean by "installing" I just put the contents of the
flvtool.tar.gz archive in a folder.

The ./ did the trick I managed to make it work but the .flv files need too
be in the same folder as flvtool2 and flvtool2.rb. If I try to convert files
in another folder I get this error which is pretty obvious:

[root at localhost naicu]# /usr/local/apache/share/htdocs/flvtool2/flvtool2 -U
ruby: No such file or directory -- flvtool2.rb (LoadError)

flvtool2 has depencies.
> You couldn't just install it in /usr/bin or usr/local/bin or whatever path
> resolved by your shell.
> So, flvtool2 command won't ever work if you don't tell him or give him
> classpath to the depencies.
> I can't remember the classpath arg for ruby, but it should looks like :
> ruby ./flvtool2 -I /usr/local/bin followed by your customs args.
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